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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news this morning, all eyes on greece. >> frustrated leaders from around the world get ready to meet, as greece threatens to derail the global economy and hurt your portfolio. also, breaking news this morning, about the future of one of baseball's most storied teams. and a crippled jet from the u.s. lands without wheels. we'll hear from the americans onboard. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm cecilia vega. there's no doubt now, we are looking at more economic turmoil ahead and more risk for your 401(k). >> big news. this morning, greece is threatening to unravel that plan to settle its debt, which means another jittery day for investors around the world. >> yesterday, the stock markets
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plunged. in the u.s., down 2.5%. in europe, even more. france and germany falling both 5%. just days after european leaders announced the debt deal, the greek prime minister said he would put it to a referendum. late last night, the cabinet voted unanimously to support his plan. if it's defeated, greece could fault on its debt. president obama will be in europe tomorrow, to meet with other g-20 leaders about what to do. >> a lot of panicked markets around the world this morning. back at home, the nation's second-largest bank, bank of america, has apparently buckled under pressure from its own clients. that pressure has urged the company to reverse plans for a fee for debit card users. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: finally, the little guy won. customers told bank of america no. and they listened. the company is abandoning its plans to charge customers $5 a month for making purchases with their debit card. >> i wanted to leave the bank. it made me so angry. >> reporter: from the moment
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bank of america announced the fee, there was public backlash. 22-year-old molly katchpole, launched an online petition for the repeal. >> i just had to be the person who started the petition. but it wasn't for the 306,000 people who signed it, it wouldn't have gone anywhere. >> reporter: bank of america and other banks said they needed the money to make up for revenue lost, after new federal regulations went into effect. but when rivals, wells fargo, jpmorg jpmorgan, and others scrapped fees, bank of america followed suit. our customers' voices are most important to us, the company said in a statement. as a result, we're currently not charging the fee and will not move forward with additional plans to do so. some lawmakers who shared the public's outrage over the fee celebrated the news. >> they withdrew them because the american people said, enough is enough, in terms of the greed of wall street.
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>> i hope it is the beginning of a trend. >> reporter: tahman bradley, abc news, washington. there's breaking news from the world of baseball. the dodgers, one of the most revered franchises in sports, is for sale. overnight, we learned that owner frank mccourt and major league baseball have reached an agreement to sell the team. it's an abrupt about-face from mccourt who had been fighting for two years to hold on to the team, which was threatened during his recent divorce battle. mccourt and his wife, jamie, paid $421 million for the team in 2004. and it could sell for three-times that. the league hopes to find a buyer by opening day next spring. we've also learned bombshell new details overnight about the sexual harassment accusations against herman cain. s" reports that one of the women did, in fact, get a settlement package from the national restaurant association, which came about a year's salary. not the two or three months, cain had said earlier. on top of that, a lawyer for the second woman ask that she be
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released from her confidentiality agreement so she can respond directly to cain's denial of the charges. and president obama makes another pitch later today for a piece of his jobs bill. mr. obama will deliver remarks urging lawmakers to pass the inf infrastructure part of the american jobs act. and secretary of state hillary clinton is in mourning. mourning the loss of her mother. dorothy rodham died yesterday after an illness. she had been abandoned as a child. but by all accounts, she grew up to be a warm, geneshe married and had on. she married and had two sons, in addition to her daughter. mrs. clinton said her mother taught her to stand up for herself and to stand up for those who needed help. dorothy rodham died with her family around her. she was 92 years old. in other news this morning, jurors could soon decide the fate of dr. conrad murray. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. the defense rested its case
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after murray told the judge he would not be taking the witness stand. murray could face four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter. also this morning, lindsay lohan could be headed back to jail. the actress is expected to appear later today before a judge and admit that she did violate her probation. that admission will almost certainly get lohan at least two weeks behind bars. also, from southern california, an investigation is under way at a nuclear plant north of san diego. engineers are looking into an ammonia leak yesterday that forced an emergency alert and a partial evacuation of workers. the nuclear part of the plant was not affected and no injuries were reported. how about this for a backyard view? it's a new one in southern wales where that cliff collapsed monday night, leaving more than a dozen mobile homes precariously close to the edge. we don't know of any injuries. they're going to be moving those rigs to a safer ground. let's take a look at weather
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from around the country on your wednesday morning. it will be clear along most of the east and west coast today. but a new storm will move into the northwest. so, bring that umbrella if you're out there in portland or seattle. also, more snow in the denver area and the western plains. showers from western oklahoma to the great lakes. >> all that rain and snow drops temperatures into the 30s and 40s. it will be in the 50s in the northeast and the northwest. 70s across most of the south. 82 in miami. 62 in chicago. and 56 right here in new york city. not bad. >> not bad at all. coming up after the break, you have to see this. the $8 million ipad. and you've probably seen their advertisements. new charges against a well-known gold company. abc news investigates. also this morning, saved by a small piece of plastic. how a man's lighter protected him from a bullet.
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california officials are charging a nationally-known gold dealer with theft and fraud. abc news has learned that in the criminal complaint, goldline is accused of running a bait and switch operation. the company is famous for using endorsements from glenn beck and other conservative icons. goldline ceo tells abc news he's withholding comments until he can review the filing. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, will have more details later on "good morning america." we'll hear from federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke, later today, about the central bank's two days meetings.
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most analysts don't expect the fed to announce any policy decisions. but it will release an updated economic forecast. and most overseas markets are down awaiting that fed report and also big-time worrying about greece, as well. tokyo's nikkei average lost 195 points today. hong kong's hang seng is up 48 points. in london, the ftse opened lower. and on wall street, the dow plunged yesterday, 297 points. that's more than 2%. meanwhile, the nasdaq index, it also fell 77 points. a bipartisan group of senators today unveiled a plan to solve the postal service's financial crisis. it could allow the agency to end saturday deliveries, close post offices and raise rates. the postal service might also get some of the money it's overpaid into federal benefit accounts. also an eye-opening story this morning. get this. some of the wealthiest people in the country are in congress. capitol hill newspaper "roll call" says the collective net worth of our representatives and senators is now more than $2
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billion. that's a 25% increase in just two years. the 50 richest members of congress account for nearly all of that increase. going to need some money if you really, really love the ipad. check this one out. made of 24 karat solid gold and shaved dinosaur bones. where they got those, i don't know. better hurry. stuart hughes is offering just two of these gold history editions at the low, low price of $8 million apiece. >> everybody has that money these days. good, old, jurassic ipad. that sounds nice. next on your wednesday morning, that miracle landing of a huge jetliner. the pilot brings it down safely without any landing gear. and more shark tales from california. a pro surfer talks about the giant fin he saw coming straight towards him.
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you can see, there's still a long way to go in parts of massachusetts and across the northeast following last weekend's freak snowstorm. more than 1.5 million people around the region are still without power. and utility officials are saying it could be a couple more days before everyone is back online. >> what a mess that storm left behind. it's not even winter yet. crews in the northeast will have clearer skies to work under. no road problems there. but it will be wet across the nation's middle. and a little icy in the central rockies. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in denver because of all that snow. also in kansas city, l.a., and san francisco. well, the pilot of a polish airlines jet is now being hailed as a hero this morning, after he was forced to make a belly landing. >> yeah. a problem with the landing gear was discovered just minutes after takeoff from the newark
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international airport. but the pilot flew across the atlantic to the airport he knew best. wabc's jim diller reports from newark. >> reporter: as flights 16 made its final approach to the runway in warsaw, passengers prayed and held hands and wondered if they'd survive their flight to poland. well, most did. >> we didn't speak polish. and most of the conversation was in polish. we knew there was a problem. >> reporter: for the rest, it was a white-knuckle ride to the end of the runway. sparking, bucking and kicking, as the pilot as cool as the hudson river landing, wrestled the boeing 767 to the ground, without the benefit of landing gear. he had told the passengers about the problem and told them to get ready. >> and the pilot was so great. he let us know it was happening. he said, we're going to have an emergency landing. >> reporter: it was the most dangerous kind of landing. and the pilot nailed it. >> the landing itself, it was
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amazing. it was so smooth. >> the passengers thought if we landed on wheels and we started clapping. and then, the smoke came out. and shouting, evacuation. >> all of a sudden, we hear people say run. and everybody run out. >> reporter: not many hesitated once the doors opened up. >> we were the first two people out the door. we were in the first row. >> he was the first person out the door. i was left in the back. >> reporter: jim doland, channel 7 news. the pilot is being hailed as poland's sully sullenberger. >> in good company. important medical news for women this morning. a major, new study finds that even just one drink a day or less than that can actually increase the risk of breast cancer. women in the study who averaged three to six drinks a week at a 15% higher chance of developing breast cancer. experts say drinking increases the levels of estrogen in the body. and that fuels tumor creation as well as tumor growth.
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in california, those 2-year-old conjoined twins came through their marathon surgery with flying colors. angelina and angelica sabuco were in surgery for nine hours. they are under sedation. doctors expect them to make a full recovery. seems to be a shark week in california. after sightings up and down the coast, there may have been another unwelcome spectator at a surfing competition in san francisco yesterday. dusty payne was in the middle of a heat when he started pointing at something. the top surfer has spent a lot of time in the water. and he said he's pretty sure what he saw was a shark. >> i've seen dolphins before. and it wasn't a dolphin. it was the biggest fin i've ever seen in my life coming straight at me. and the waves are just terrible. so, i'm not going to stay out there and get bit by a shark. >> saturday, a great white was
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spotted just down the coast in monterey. but payne says he'll be back out there to compete today. >> i admire that bravery. more sports news this morning. as we mentioned at the top of this newscast, the l.a. dodgers could be under new ownership by opening day next year. frank mccourt agreed to sell the team after a two-year legal battle to keep it. as for last night's highlights, we get that from espn news. >> good morning. my name is todd grisham. this is your espn news update. if you like defense in your college football highlights, you might want to leave the room. viewer discretion is advised. northern illinois, facing toledo. tommy lee lewis, has taken one back for a touchdown. he's done it again. 95 yards. it's 14-7, illinois. back to the fourth quarter. it's 56-53. adonis thomas, with a three-yard touchdown. toledo takes a four-point lead.
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northern illinois, trying to win it. harnish, to perez. he takes six touchdown passes in the game. how about we go to the ice? ducks and capitals. capitals, trying to remain unbeaten at home. not looking good here. a goal from teemu selanne makes it 4-3 visitors. ovechkin, the best player, left on the bench. but they convert anyway. nicklas backstrom with the rebound. capitals tie it at 4-4. we go to overtime. and in overtime, backstrom back. all right. his second of the game. capitals win it, 5-4. that's your look at highlights from espn news. my name's todd grisham. have a great day. here's the story of a very
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lucky guy. he should probably buy a lottery ticket. >> yeah. >> check out this destroyed bic cigarette lighter. >> it was the only thing to save the man from new york from a serious wound. the bullet was fired during a halloween night robbery attempt. it struck the lighter, which deflected the bullet and saved that guy a lot of pain. >> unbelievable. wow. well, up next, "the pulse." and the latest star sent packing from "dancing with the stars." plus, justin bieber, now battling a very adult lawsuit this morning. details on that and more when "america this morning" continues after this. [ female announcer ] did you know that the sources of bad breath
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and it's time to check "the pulse." and the biggest celebrity stories of the morning. beginning with the fresh fallout from the kardashian divorce drama. >> kim herself has now written a letter to her fans say she did marry for love. but admitted she kind of rushed into things. she also says she did not make millions on her big, televised wedding. and will actually be donating all of the gifts to charity. >> she hasn't been watching a lot of the coverage. but can't help but see some of the negativity out there. >> she's very adamant this was the real thing. so, we'll see how it plays out. and one more note here, the taiwanese group that does freaky animations about u.s. news
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stories has put this one together about the kardashians. i suppose it was just a matter of time before this came out. certainly not the last. to our next story, justin bieber. baby, baby, baby. denies claims by a 20-year-old woman, who says the singer is the father of her child. >> the woman reportedly filed a paternity suit against bieber, claiming they hooked up backstage after a concert. a spokesman says we will pursue legal remedies to protect and defend justin about these allegations. bieber has been dating selena gomez. and bieber rocked the ballroom last night with a guest appearance on "dancing with the stars." but for david arquette, it was his last tango. he finished three points ahead of last-place finisher, nancy grace. but her fans tipped the scale. >> and ricki lake kept her top spot, scoring high on both her dance numbers. and rob kardashian is in second place. his tango was the best so far.
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you can catch david later on "gma" this morning. for some of you, your local news is coming up next. craftsman, nordictrack, die hard, samsung... and our gifts will be top notch. our wrapping? that's another story. only sears has this collection of leading brands you can't find anywhere else. now that's real joy, guaranteed. sears.
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next the goal is to bring oakland to a standstill. the plan is in place for a general strike. plus, a wind-whipped wildfire burns one home and forces dozens more to evacuate near napa. the latest from the fire lines. mike is tracking those winds. >> winds stay around three hours longer. we'll update and finally from us this morning, the powerful bond of friendship. 45 years after receiving a
4:28 am
letter in vietnam from a little girl, a seattle man met her for the first time. >> with more on the emotional meeting, here's alisa jaffe of our seattle affiliate. >> reporter: the year was 1966. men and women wore flowered shirts. race riots escalated across america. and the u.s. had 500,000 troops in vietnam. one december, chuck's sergeant handed his men letters from strangers offering support. chuck wrote to a girl scout from new york, named lizzie ivory. the gifts and cards continued for 45 years, with chuck on the west coast and lizzie on the east. dwighted by distance until today. >> scared to death. nervous. >> nervous. >> reporter: the pen pals are meeting face-to-face for the first time. >> oh, my god. chuck and lizzie shared their
4:29 am
lives through letters. >> a picture of her in her wedding gown. the boy and girl, her children. >> reporter: lizzie says her conversations with chuck became even more meaningful after 9/11. >> then, everyone went off to the war. oh, yeah. that was what it was like for chuck when you left. >> reporter: lizzie's cards give the father of three something to look forward to, during war and the decades that followed. he got to watch his little girl grow up. >> it was really neat. it was really -- my daughter. >> reporter: in seattle, alisa jaffe, komo 4 news. >> what a great story. a lot of history. >> wet eyes in that room for that one, for sure. coming up next on "good morning america," our popular series, "show me the money." >> this time, elisabeth leamy shows you how can make money by renting almost anything you own because people really will pay money to borrow your storage space, your powe


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